• The Name Game

    by  • January 1, 2015 • Journal

    We hand make each guitar, from the cutting of the fabrics, to the filing of the frets. Each guitar is passed through the shop and touches 7 different sets of hands on it’s way to completion. We come to know each guitar, it’s uniquenesses and quirks.

    We used to number each guitar to help us reference and keep track of it, but numbers ran together as each black carbon fiber guitar looks nearly identical. Now, each guitar is given an individual name and birth date (the date that the face is glued to the body.)

    The naming of each guitar has evolved into a daily shop game. Here are the rules: we progress in order, alphabetically, A-Z. There is a theme for each series through the alphabet. For example, the theme might be “Girls names mentioned in songs.” So for example, the first guitar would start with ‘A’ “Annie” from “Smooth Criminal,” by Michael Jackson.

    We rotate through the shop staff so everyone has a chance to choose. The truly terrible choices are heckled and then rejected. In the event of a stale mate or the letter ‘Q’ ‘X’ and ‘Z’, we reference the all-mighty baby names book or failing that -gasp- Siri.

    We post the day’s query on Twitter @AlpacaGuitar #AlpacaNameGame.

    Name Game Tweet

    Shoot us a tweet if you have a great idea.  If you are lucky enough to have your name picked for the day, we’ll send you a new set of strings.  Give it a try… It’s easy!